Beautiful Sunset at the end of the day

Riding off into the sunset

Doulas in Training was never intended to be a major source of income for me. I started it as a way to share what I learned in my many years of birth work with others, and as a way to more quickly help people who were asking for help. “You want to know more about how to make arrangements with a backup? I have an article about that!”

Ive’ been doing it for years, and I have enjoyed it.

But I think it’s time to come to an end. My doula career is winding down, and I’m currently only working with repeat clients and a few select people I already have a personal connection to. I’ve gone back to grad school to start a new phase of my life as an instructional designer. That keeps me very, very busy! For the last year and a half, I’ve done all my article writing and scheduling in between semesters of school, and paying a service to schedule posts regularly.

That service recently “restructured” their pricing in a way that would make doing this cost nearly triple what I am currently paying, and I no longer can justify the time and expense on something that brings me little in return.

I’m planning to leave the site and the articles up, but the social media accounts will go inactive. I hope in some small way I have helped you along in your doula journey.

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