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Sponsor Spotlight: It Starts With Birth

It Starts With Birth is an online shop with all sorts of useful educational tools for doulas and other birth workers. It is run by Angela Schaerer, a registered midwife. I asked Angela a few questions about herself and her shop to share with you.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your birth work

I started out as a doula after I had my second baby at home. A traumatic hospital birth experience, led me to midwifery care and home birth!  I realized birthing folks can have empower experiences and I wanted to support this … I later went on to become a childbirth educator and then a midwife.

I learned that women who educated themselves about labour, and worked on their personal life challenges – their physical and emotional selves – before entering parenthood, had better births! The women who felt supported, educated and able to trust themselves and their support team, expressed much greater satisfaction with their experience even if it was nothing like the birth plan they had conceived of. Most of these women had lovely, uncomplicated, fast deliveries similar to their original birth plans…why/how?!…well, largely by letting go of expectations and following their intuition! The women who fixated on fear, self-doubt, and the opinions of others attracted the opposite: fearful, longer labours, higher rates of operative deliveries and less satisfaction with their birth experience (even when it was still an uncomplicated birth with a positive outcome).  My hope in creating the It Starts With Birth online childbirth series and lifestyle community is to equip as many women as possible with the knowledge and tools required to empower them during childbirth and beyond.

What other birth work have you done?

I am a registered midwife, and creator of It Starts With Birth. Pregnancy, Childbirth and Your New Baby an online pregnancy, childbirth preparation, and baby care series found at It Starts With Birth and Pacific Rim College Online.

I have created an 8 family real births film “Welcome to the World 8 Birth Stories Video” for educating parents to be and a computer generated film “A Look Inside – Animated Education Video”. Both these films are in the series and for sale for birth worker/educators to share with the families they work with. I have created over 50 educational posters for downloadable purchase, many of these posters are included in the series.

You can view the trailer to Angela’s film series here:

What is your most popular product?

By far my most popular items are the Labouring Positions & Pushing Positions posters with a third runner up Cervical Effacement and Dilation.

What product in your catalog do you think is underappreciated? 

 Personally, as a midwife I think the Labour Flow poster is the most detailed and useful in educating families. And my birth videos, the 8 birth stories makes everyone cry, the word just hasn’t gotten out there yet. 

What advice do you have for a new doula and/or for doulas who want to revitalize their business?

Keep going, be humble, take time for self care, learn every day and just be you … you are exactly who your future clients are looking for! And keep you educational material up to date and fresh looking!

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