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Doulas in Training is a free resource for any kind of doula just starting out who would like to learn more about running a business and making doula work fit into your life. It’s another project from Andrea Lythgoe, who uses the lessons learned the hard way to (hopefully!) help you can learn them the easier way than she did!

Tell me about you.

I have spent 20 years as a doula. And I’m tired. I’m winding down my doula work, and currently am only taking repeat clients, a few special referrals, and doing births for any family members who want me there. I run Doulas in Training, Birth Class Online, Understanding Research, and now the Doula Survey. I recently went back to school and completed a graduate certificate in Instructional Design.

Tell me about your business: how you started making products for doulas, how long you’ve been in the market, etc.

I’ve been mentoring and working with new doulas since about 5 years into my doula career. I always felt like starting doula work was, for me, jumping into the deep end of the pool not knowing if I could swim or not. So when newer doulas started asking me questions, I always tried to be the kind of helpful support I wished I’d had when I started. Over the years that has taken a lot of different forms, from regular meetings with new doulas, to a formal apprenticeship program with a few other doulas where we took apprentices to births, to a small, local Facebook group where I would post daily 15-20 minute tasks for the newer doulas to do to build their businesses.

Currently Doulas in Training is a 100% free resource with articles and information.

What is your most popular product? What do customers like about it?

I get a lot of good feedback on my article on how to choose the right doula organization for you.

What product in your catalog do you think is underappreciated?

Probably my Ask A Doula column. I wish I was asked more questions!

What advice do you have for a new doula and/or for doulas who want to revitalize their business?

So, so much. Essentially, the business side of doula work is like laundry. You might THINK you’re caught up, but then the day ends, everyone changes, and you have more to do…. You’ll have to follow me @doulasintraining on IG or go read my blog on my web site, because no way will the rest fit here!

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