Products I love: Sticky Notes!

Every now and then I realize there’s something I use often to keep organized. When I was organizing my office, I realized I have – and use – a TON of different sized sticky notes!

Let me show you how I use them, from smallest to largest:

Sticky Tabs:

I often mark frequently used sections of my books with sticky tabs where I write what’s there. I also use tabs to mark each conference I attend in my notebook that is dedicated to taking notes at conferences.

Small Sticky Notes:

Good for calendar notes, flagging documents, and moving around to decide on an order for blog posts, social media, etc.

Medium Sticky Notes:

Perfect for a single day’s to-do list, drafting ideas, notes from phone calls, and inspirational quotes or reminders.

Large Sticky Notes:

The 8 inch sticky notes are a good size for creating a checklist of things to do on a project. They fit nicely on the wall above my desk, right next to my monitor, and being so close to my line of sight helps keep me on track. Here you can see an example of the giant sticky note I created when I started working on a class that will debut next month. I’m still using this one and it looks a lot messier now!

Giant Sticky Notes:

I use giant sticky notes in my classroom teaching, and whenever I am working on a big project I like to use it to keep a “big picture” to do list I can check off. I have also used them to map out complex things, like course progression and interactive scenarios.

A before/after and other examples of how I use giant sticky notes.

Digital Sticky Notes:

And finally, my computer has digital sticky notes. I use these every single day. I have one where I have saved the hex codes and font names for my branding, another with ideas and links for blog articles, and I often save snippets of code I want to add to my web site on sticky notes on my desktop as well. Sometimes before I go to bed, I will make one giant screenblocking one with my most important priority for the day on it.

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