Product Review: Womb Prints Position Cards

I recently came across these fetal positions cards made by Rana Rankin, an Australian birth photographer. They beautifully show babies in a variety of different positions, and are ring bound. These are an excellent way to quickly show a client what their baby’s position is, using actual photos of newborn babies. The small size, spiral ring and double sized printing make this a compact and lightweight option for your bag.

They are about the size and weight of a business card, so you will probably want to keep them somewhat protected. A small inner pocket of your bag, or a business card holder would work nicely to avoid the cards from getting bent or torn.

The photos are beautiful and the babies all look peaceful in the various positions. I can’t decide if I would like them to have a little more reference (like showing part of the pelvis) or if the simplicity is just what I need. Clients respond well to them and I just hold them in front of my client’s belly to help them envision their baby’s position.

Overall I would recommend these as an addition to your birth bag. If you do childbirth education, Rana has posters, larger prints that can be passed around a class, posters and art prints as well. They’re all available on the Womb Prints web site, and all prices are in Australian dollars so right now the exchange rate very much works in favor of US and Canadian buyers.

Want to win your own copy of the Womb Prints cards? I purchased a second set to give away to one lucky doula who signs up for the Doulas in Training newsletter before midnight Mountain Time on April 15, 2019. The winner will be announced in the April newsletter, so keep an eye on your email to see if you won.

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