Don’t Forget a DarnBloggin’ Thing!

I live in Utah. We make up swear words here. And I’m kinda proud of thinking up “Darnbloggin” this morning.

I’ve found a new – and FREE – tool that I have been using when posting to my blogs to make sure I don’t miss any small details. It’s a WordPress Plugin from Brainstorm Force called “Pre Publish Checklist” and it really helps me stay on task.

Here’s what I can do with it:

When setting up a blog post, I now have a checklist to make sure I’ve remembered all the little things. I created my own customized list of things I need to do for each blog post:

I have chosen to have this apply to blog posts only, not pages. (But you could easily set it to both if that works for you!)

Then when I am blogging, I can save drafts all the live long day, but until I’ve checked off everything on the list as done, there’s no publish button. This slows me down and keeps me from forgetting some of the steps. Once all the items on my PrePublish Checklist are done, the publish/schedule button appears and I can finalize it. You can see the difference in the image below. And as a bonus, since I started using this I haven’t once accidentally published something immediately that I meant to schedule…

I hope this is a helpful tip for you if you use WordPress for your site/blog. Scroll down for a silent screen recording of me setting up the plugin on this site,

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