Airtable: Turning Spreadsheets into Fun!

Airtable is an online record keeping service that can be very useful for doulas. It starts with a basic spreadsheet layout, but you can display the information in a bunch of different ways that can be useful.

I’ve used Airtable for three main things:

  • Blog post and social media ideas
  • Upcoming projects
  • Client records

Each started as a spreadsheet where I set up the information the way I wanted it. So I set up all my September social media in a spreadsheet, and then switched it to the calendar view so I could look at it graphically and better see how my content was spread across the weeks. I made some adjustments at that point because of the way I saw it on the calendar. (You can see that calendar view in the background of the photo above.

Another view I frequently use is the Kanban view where your items can be viewed as a stack. I created a dropdown where I can label each one as “idea” “drafted” or “scheduled” and I often filter this view to just see the ones that need work. Since I blog in four different places, I have four stacks, plus an “uncategorized” where I can put ideas I am not sure where I’ll use them.

I can also use Airtable to keep client information at my fingertips. My spreadsheet calls for basic client info, birth plan notes, a place I can upload their actual birth plan if I want, and contact info. Once I’ve set up the base spreadsheet, I can view it any way I’d like, but the card view is my usual starting point:

Airtable also has an app where you can access all your data in some of the views. It’s simplified as compared to the web site version, but still very functional. Here’s a grid view of my fake client database, as well as a sample client record and the interface for adding a new client to the system.

Airtable has free and paid plans, and so far I’ve been able to do everything I needed to do with just the free plan. If you find you’d like some of the paid features, I think the prices are reasonable for the functionality that is added. I think Airtable can be a very useful tool for birth and postpartum doulas, and I’d strongly recommend playing around with the free version to see what you can do. Go check it out!

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