Tales of a Doula: Drive Through Order

The summer before her senior year of high school, my daughter Callie worked at a local fast food place. It was just under a mile from our house, and usually she just walked there, as she didn’t have a car. Occasionally, she would work a shift that went until 2:30 am, and she didn’t feel safe walking home at that hour. On those nights either my husband or I would go get her.

One night she had one of those late shifts, and my husband was out of town. Naturally I had a client due! I was crossing my fingers that it would work out, but Murphy’s Law prevailed and I got a call to come at 1:45 am. My client was laboring hard by the sound of her voice on the phone. I took a quick shower, dressed, grabbed my things and went to leave. As I drove out of my neighborhood, I passed the place where she worked and suddenly realized SHE WAS STILL THERE! Dangit! She wasn’t off for another 10 minutes, and my family member who was going to cover if I was at a birth lived a good 20-25 minute drive away.

I pulled over. Since the drive through was the only part open at that hour, I pulled up to the speaker, hoping my daughter would be working the headset. Nope. Her manager was the one I was talking to. I asked if I could talk to my daughter, explaining that I had a client in labor and we needed to figure out how to get her home after her shift. After a LOOOOONG pause, he said “One Callie, coming right up!” and I heard him tell her to grab her stuff, clock out early and just go with me.

I dropped her off at home, hurried to my client’s home, and managed to get there 20 minutes before the baby! WHEW! That’s me with my client and her baby about an hour after birth.

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