I’ve started and need help building my business

So you’re all done with your training! Yaaaaaay!
Now what?
Sometimes that moment is the hardest. It feels like there is so very much to do, and it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some things that might be particularly helpful to you at this point in your career:

A Tale of Two Doulas
Let me introduce you to Annie and Penny. They are new doulas who met in the same doula training and
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Classes for doulas
Does your business need a boost? Are you wanting to build a solid business foundation but don’t know where to
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10 Common Business Mistakes New Doulas Make
Doula work and business work are very different skills. Sometimes the same person has talent in both, but often those
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5 Lessons I’ve Learned in the Doula Business
I’ve owned my own business since 1997, and over the years I’ve learned many things. I’ll share 5 really important
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Three tips for newly trained doulas
I was watching a video the other day with advice for photographers who just graduated with a degree in photography,
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10 Things Successful Doulas Do
Last week I blogged about the Top 10 Mistakes New Doulas Make – this week I’m countering with a top
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