Man laying on the couch yawning, with stroller nearby

Introducing DITZY Certification!

Pregnant people and new parents are exhausted. That’s why they yawn all the time! With Doulas In Training’s new Zoetic Yawning program, you can teach them to use those yawns to invigorate and revitalize their entire bodies! Based on ancient Mesopinguian practices and adapted for modern life, Zoetic Yawning will revolutionize your client’s experience. Even newborns can benefit from parent led zoetic yawning! This unique certification process will add value to your services and make you stand out from the crowd as the doula of choice in your community. You know you can’t wait to add the initials DITZY to your name!

Steps to Certification

Pregnant woman yawning
  1. Enroll in our program for only $899 (billed annually)
  2. Complete the reading and video exercises.
  3. Work with 5 clients in their childbearing year and have them write essays describing their experiences.
  4. Take the certification exam (one time $599 proctoring fee)
  5. Rake in the dough teaching your clients to be productive with the yawns they are already doing!
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