Smart Goals and Doula Business

Did you set a goal for your doula business this year? Was it “get more clients!” or something similar? If so, how are you going to get there?

When setting goals, there are two things that can be helpful: Setting SMART goals, and breaking big goals into smaller goals.

If, for example, your overall goal is “get more clients” then you can break that down into smaller goals, like

Notebook that says Improve My Web Site and Social Media

Each of these can be broken down into what is called SMART goals. These goals are Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Based.

So let’s take “improve my web site” and break it down into three SMART goals:

Notebook open with smart goals for the web site written on it. Goals are the same web site goals as in the text below.
  • Revamp my web site to make it more appealing to my target market. Make all colors, images and fonts consistent in color and tone. Finish this by January 31.
  • Evaluate my SEO and make changes to improve my ranking for the keywords (location, name, and kind of doula work). Finish this by February 28
  • Blog at least once a month throughout 2019. Brainstorm a list of topics by January 15 and write each post by the 15th of the month.

Do you see how each one has a specific job, is reasonably sized, and has a specific deadline? You could even break down each of these into smaller goals if you find that helpful, or at least a step-by-step to do list for each one.

Let’s see what SMART goals for social media might look like:

Notebook open with smart goals for social media written on it. Goals are the same web site goals as in the text below.
  • Review my social media accounts, make the look and feel consistent between accounts, and update headers as needed. Finish by January 10.
  • Brainstorm a list of content ideas, at least 50, and create a schedule for posting regularly. Finish by January 30.
  • Explore options for automating, scheduling and synchronizing content between social media accounts. Choose a solution and implement by January 31.

Now you have to think carefully. Can you really make all the web site changes AND the social media changes in January? Or would it be better to bump the due dates into February for the social media and focus on the web site in January? Only you know how much time you realistically have. Certainly if you finish the web site goals ahead of schedule, you can move the social media dates up again. I would advise you to avoid the trap of setting very ambitious goal deadlines and then giving up in frustration if you miss them.

Tune in later this week to learn about how you can work SMART to reach your goals!

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