Curtis Method HypnoDoula

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to empower couples through education with the tools they will need to release fear and birth with confidence in any setting or circumstance. A positive birth experience can help smooth the transition from pregnancy to parenting, while facilitating family bonding, emotional resilience, and postpartum recovery. We believe that every mother should be able to walk away from her birth feeling empowered, respected, supported and loved, no matter what path her birth journey takes.

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Type of doulas certified: Birth Doulas
Certification requirement highlights: 4 Day training
Continuing education requirement? No
Recertification term: Not available
Recertification requirements Not available – those trained can return to do another training at half cost at any time.
Experienced doula path? No
Scope of practice/Code of Ethics None
Founded in: unknown
Number of doulas certified: unknown

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