Childbirth International

Mission Statement:

What ultimately drives all of us at Childbirth International (CBI) is simple. Birth matters. Our experiences (and our children’s) of birth matter, not only in that moment, but for a lifetime. These experiences impact our capacity to love, and our capacity to function as whole human beings in this world.

Too often parents begin their journey with fear and uncertainty. They need knowledge and skills to determine their own direction and have the experiences that they innately know are right for them. Knowing and understanding their options changes everything. We want all doulas, educators and breastfeeding counselors to really know how to help families negotiate their own path and give women the foundation they need to achieve their goals. To truly make the choices that are right for them.

Web site
Type of doulas certified: Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas
Certification requirement highlights: Training is all online, their tagline is “Training Without Boundaries”
Continuing education requirement? None
Recertification term: Not available
Recertification requirements Not Available
Experienced doula path? Not available
Code of Practice
Founded in: 1998
Number of doulas certified: Unknown

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