Spotlight on: Antenatal Doulas

During International Doula Month, I’m spotlighting doulas who do all different kinds of doula work. If you’re interested in being spotlighted, reach out to me through the contact link in the menu above.

Lindsay Wolff left a promising career in academic sciences to purse birth work, and provides antenatal doula services (among other doula services) in the greater Boston area. Antenatal doulas (sometimes called Prenatal Doulas) are hired just for help during pregnancy. While antenatal doulas are not as popular as birth or postpartum doulas, they can serve a vital role in supporting families as they add a new baby to the family.

Much of her work as an antenatal doula involves talking through emotional barriers and connecting families to resources for physically preparing for birth. Additionally, there is some household support like cooking nourishing meals and light housework. While many think that antenatal doula services are mainly for those on bedrest, many of Lindsay’s clients are people who are not feeling truly heard by their care providers, family and friends. Some deal with chronic pain or anxiety/depression that makes pregnancy difficult as well.

If you’re thinking about becoming an antenatal doula, Lindsay suggests learning and practicing deep listening so that your clients will feel deeply heard. She suggests reading the books “The Lost Art of Listening” by Michael Nichols and “I Hear You” by Michael Sorensen for learning more about that.

Because a good portion of those seeking antenatal doula services will be experiencing a complicated pregnancy, she also recommends reading various memoirs and personal accounts, like “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck and “Choosing Naia” by Mitchell Zuckoff to get an idea of the kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions and may be felt by expectant parents.

Her antenatal doula services have been quite popular among the people who know that it’s an option, so if you’re thinking about adding this to your services, educating pregnant people about the option will be a key part of your marketing.

You can learn more about Lindsay and her services at her web site: Birthing Matters Doula

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