Flexibility and Adaptability: 2 Keys to Business Success

This darn virus is still upsetting doula business! Some of you have had to change your business practices to stay in business in an era where public health measures make it impossible or difficult to meet in person, see facial expressions, or enter into hospital labor and delivery or postpartum wards. Many have quit doing doula work at all. But many are thriving and making it work, even increasing their geographical outreach and offering different types of services.

Flexibility is the ability and/or willingness to change the way you’ve always done things. It’s being willing to switch your interviews and prenatal visits to a virtual format, It’s taking payment online when all you’ve ever done before is checks or cash. Flexibility is NOT letting clients push past your boundaries! Think of it as bending the process that you have to deliver good services, but not breaking the whole thing. Be very conscious of the difference as you flex to make your doula business survive.

Adaptability is rethinking the process entirely! It’s moving from traditional in person support to virtual doula support. It’s rewriting your partnership agreement temporarily when you can not longer share birth clients by switching in and out due to stricter hospital policies. It’s offering virtual doula support nationwide instead of limiting yourself to your immediate geographical area. It’s thinking outside the box to make things carry on.

Maybe you adapt by offering new services entirely. I’ve seen doulas add birth planning sessions, ask me anything zoom calls, sleep consults, or branching out and training as childbirth educators, lactation educators or pregnancy concierges.

You *can* survive these hard times for doula businesses. If you’re willing and able to learn new ways of doing things, or pivot your business into new services or product offerings. The keys are flexibility, adaptability, and BOUNDARIES.

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