Collage of 5 images of people breastfeeding

5 Ways Your Doula Business Can Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week


Preparation Tips

Share some tips that pregnant people can use to be ready for successful breastfeeding. If you have specific recommendations for where to go locally to buy nursing bras, or your favorite books about nursing, share those.


Feature local breastfeeding professionals

Post a photo and contact information for local breastfeeding professionals – boost their business and show that you are part of a larger community to support breastfeeding families.


Share personal stories

Briefly share your personal experiences with breastfeeding, or ask friends, family members or former clients to share a bit about their experiences. You could ask 7 people the same prompt and share one response each day for the week. You could ask “What was the best thing about breastfeeding for you?” or “What single tip would you give to someone planning to nurse a baby?” etc.


Share fun facts

Think of little known things about breastfeeding. Interesting statistics, funny old names for things and share them with your followers. These can be hard to create on demand, so I tend to keep a list of them as I hear them in reserve for creating posts.


Bust some myths!

Think about the things you hear about breastfeeding that make you roll your eyes. If you can’t think of anything, go ask someone who is at least 20-30 years older than you what they learned about breastfeeding. Guaranteed they have some outdated ideas you can debunk!

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