Birthing From Within

Mission Statement:

We believe as Birthing From Within educators and doulas

Birth trauma can be prevented and healed.
Childbirth preparation requires more than data downloads and mastering techniques. Doula care involves more than hands-on support and cheerleading.
Ritual, ceremony, and art processes are key components to unearthing the ancient, inner knowing within us, and it is this knowing that makes us capable of completing the heroic journey that makes up the childbearing year.
Parents need a village surrounding them as they embark on their journey.
Birth is a rite of passage regardless of how it unfolds.
Being solution-focused is more effective in preventing trauma than being outcome-focused.

Web site
Type of doulas certified: Birth doulas
Certification requirement highlights: 9 Online modules + required birth attendance
Continuing education requirement? No
Recertification term: Not available
Recertification requirements Not available
Experienced doula path? Yes, with an in-person workshop geared towards experienced professionals
Scope of practice/Code of Ethics Unknown
Founded in: 1999
Number of doulas certified: unknown

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