2020 Gift Guide for Doulas

Please note that none of these are referral or affiliate links, they’re just places where I know you can buy these things.

Bag to take To Births or Postpartum Support

There are lots of options here. I *strongly* recommend something you can carry hands free, whether that’s a backpack, crossbody bag, or tote with a shoulder strap. IMO a bag that closes completely is a must as well. I love lots of pockets for organization, too. Think outside the box: Diaper bags and laptop bags can also make excellent doula bags. Make sure it’s sturdy!

Doula Nametag

Many doulas like to wear a name badge at births. You can order a custom badge, a lanyard, badge reel, and pair it with a doula badge buddy.


This is a woven Mexican shawl that can be used for a variety of things to help someone in labor or to carry a newborn. I love my extra long one I bought from Sharon Muza.

T Shirt

There are SO MANY options for this! I particularly like this one with actual size dilation circles for birth doulas and this one for postpartum doulas

And who can resist a shirt that says “Stop Fear Based Maternal Health Care!”

And if you believe, it, wear it! Birth Work is Activism sweatshirt.

And if you’re hoping the pregnant people you meet will approach you, wear this shirt! Ask me what a Doula is!


I could list so, so many here! But I will restrain myself. I’ll start with books for birth doulas:

The Labor Progress Handbook – Excellent information on helping with all kinds of labors. I have both a physical copy and a Kindle edition so I can access it from my phone or Kindle while at a birth!

The Heart of the Doula – by Amy Gilliland Research based exploration of birth doula work and the power of doulas

When Survivors Give Birth – This is a hard read. I’ll be honest, it took me almost two years to read it, as I kept having to put it aside and take time to think, process, and calm my anger. But it’s also so vitally important for birth workers to understand. It’s not a matter of IF it will impact a birth where you are working, but rather WHEN.

Babies are not Pizzas! I haven’t had a chance to read this yet (it’s on MY holiday list this year!) but I do enjoy and value the work of Rebecca Dekker from Evidence Based Birth, so I’m recommending it.

And now for books for postpartum doulas:

Your Amazing Newborn – this is an older book, but I absolutely love sharing the information on what newborns can really do that is in it with parents.

Nurturing the Family – A guide to postpartum doula work

Mothering the New Mother – An older book, but still full of useful information. It’s my go-to recommendation for new grandparents who ask how they can help.

This Isn’t What I Expected – The most helpful book I ever read on postpartum depression.

Birth Ball or Peanut Ball

A 65 cm round ball or a 45 cm peanut ball can be really useful. If you already have a ball, you might like a cover for it! Some doulas prefer a carrying strap to a cover.

Doula Water Bottle or Insulated Mug

There are many options, but I know that having a water bottle just for me is a must at births, and in the winter something insulated to keep some tea or cocoa hot for me. Go with something sturdy and with a lid so it doesn’t spill!

Random Stuff

If the doula in your life has an office area to decorate, there are many options for prints to hang, like this gold foil anatomy chart, some doula word art, or a doula clock. An organizational calendar to keep track of due dates and call schedule can be nice, too.

A birth affirmation mug can be a nice touch on a doula’s desk.

Jewelry might be an option as well. Necklaces in all different styles, bangles, or earrings.

Uterus Socks!

Leaving the house in a rush during the middle of the night can lead to bad hair days. A doula hat or twist back headband can help with that!

If you want to add to your tool bag for working with older siblings, the There’s A Baby video is a great way to do it!

Stocking Stuffers ($10 and under!)

These birth anatomy pins are lots of fun! The link it to the set, but they’re also available individually.

Fun doula stickers can remind you that birth matters!

This doula keychain would be a simple way to show your doula pride!

Uterus earrings might catch attention, if you’re brave enough to wear them!

Let’s Doula This! pin

Unless I am at a Birth car decal

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