Ask A Doula: Client Inductions Conflict

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I have two clients, who have due dates 10 days apart. The first one scheduled an induction for New Year’s Eve, as she will be a few days past her due date at that point. Now my other client, who will be 39 weeks at that point, scheduled an induction for the same exact day and time! I’m not sure what to do here, HELP!

Juniper, New England

 This is a tricky situation, and does tend to happen more often around the holidays. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this stress.

At this point, your best bet is to find a backup doula for one of the births. Ideally, you already have a backup doula in place, and you can make arrangements with this doula and approach your client to fill them in on the situation. Which client gets the backup is going to be the tough choice. Some doulas go by who had the earlier EDD, or who scheduled the induction first. Others might make that choice based on location, which client might be a better fit for the available backup or other criteria.

You might consider discussing with future clients the idea that if they’re considering scheduling an induction, they could check in with you to make sure this isn’t an issue. After all, you’ve got a story now to illustrate why it might be a good idea. Make sure it’s clear they don’t need your *permission* to schedule an induction, but coordination can be helpful.

Good luck, I hope it all plays out well for you and your clients!

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