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Robin Elise Weiss was one of the first people I met when I started doing doula work. We first met in an email group, then connected on social media when that was a thing, and then finally met in person at a conference when she spotted me walking through the lobby and called out to me. She does a lot of things in the birth world, and one of them is running the 100% Doula program. She has donated her Doula Business Bundle, which includes two classes: Mastering the Doula Interview and Confidently Setting Your Doula Price.

Tell me about you.

I have been a doula for more than 30 years. I actually backed into being a doula. After stumbling around and doing doula work for about five years, I finally decided that this was more than a hobby and that I needed to treat it as such. I figured out that there was an easier way to do things if I just added some structure and thought to what I was doing. Before I’d been flying by the seat of my pants. It always left me feeling ragged and like I couldn’t quite catch up. This really helped me be able to find time to raise my kids, spend time with my husband, and serve my clients really well. Now I help other doulas find the structure that works for them while helping them maintain that flexibility, whether they want one client a month or eight clients a month.

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Tell me about your business

As a doula and doula trainer for more than 25 years, I’ve spent my fair share of time working on my business as well as helping others build their doula businesses. After about a decade of helping new doulas, I realized that some of the things that I was talking about were also helpful to people who’ve been in the business for quite a while. When people get used to doing their jobs, sometimes they make short cuts or forget some of the basic steps. Going back and re-looking at what you’re doing can be very helpful to revitalizing your business which is helpful to you as well as your potential clients. Doing this in a course format let doulas who had been around the block come back and rework some of the basics without having to retake the whole doula training.

What is your most popular product? What do customers like about it?

Master the Doula Interview is the most popular course we have. People are often anxious about that first impression, which is very very important to be sure. The course helps them feel confident in that first big meeting with potential clients. That confidence helps them nail the interview.  

What product in your catalog do you think is underappreciated?

Master the Doula Prenatal is often overlooked. Once someone signs the contract it can be easy to think that you’ve got it in the back. But providing a great experience throughout you were service will ensure that you get rave reviews and personal recommendations which are the lifeblood of this business.

What advice do you have for a new doula and/or for doulas who want to revitalize their business? 

Don’t be afraid to try new things. One of the most important things to remember is that this is YOUR business and it has to meet YOUR needs. It’s great to see what other doulas are doing, but take what works and leave the rest. That’s how you make your doula business work.

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