World Doula Week is Coming!

World Doula Week is later this month, and it’s time to think about how you are going to celebrate it! Lots of doulas will be celebrating on social media, in theor blogs, etc. Here are some ideas for how you can be part of the action, raising awareness of doulas and marketing your services.

Post about the benefits of using your services

Keep it specific to you, and avoid using the stats that EVERYONE will be promoting. Tell them what YOU can do for them. Maybe do one post about what to expect at a postpartum visit. One about what you can do in labor, etc. Or share statistics about your experience. A postpartum doula might make a graphic showing the number of clients served and total hours supporting new families.

Thank those who have helped you along the way

I did this last year on my Doulas in Training account and it was rewarding to think of how many have been part of my journey, and to bring attention to them as well.

Tell people about you

Help potential clients learn more about you, who you are, and how your life experiences give you a unique background to your doula work.

Share Testimonials from Clients

If your clients have written testimonials about you, this is a great time to share them!

Run a sale!

You could offer some amount or percentage off your services, or you could keep your pricing the same and offer a bonus. Bonuses should be clearly tied to PAID services, or you could go bankrupt giving freebies to people who schedule interviews just for the freebies with no intention to hire you. Make sure that your sale has a distinct end. It could be something like “Book your postpartum doula services by March 30 and get an extra 2 hours for every 10 hours you prepay.” or “Schedule your consultation for my birth doula services within the next week and get $50 off”. It might be nice to pair up with someone who provides complimentary services or products and run a joint promotion. Maybe a local massage therapist will include half off the first massage with her to every client you book in the next 30 days.

Share photos of you in action with clients

With permission, let people see you in action. I did this on my Pampered Birth account last year:

Share fun facts, quotes, or tips about pregnancy, birth or postpartum

This will establish you as an authority on the topic and make people trust in you to care for them as they move through the changes in their family.

Start thinking now about what you could do and how you can join in the World Doula Week fun!

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