Announcing the Doula Survey!

The landscape of doula business has changed quite a bit since I started way back in the last century. (I kind love saying that, even if it makes me feel old!) Back then, 100% of doulas were solo businesses, and the idea of partnerships and agencies was unheard of! Now those types of arrangements are common. How common? Who knows!

But we are about to find out! Today I’m launching the first ever Doula Survey, a survey not affiliated with any certification organization, that aims to look at the current state of doula work. So whether you are a brand new doula, a doula with a few years of experienced, or a seasoned professional who has worked in two different centuries like me, this survey is for you! It’s open to any doula of any kind, but focuses on the work of birth and postpartum doulas.

Please, hop over to the Doula Survey and spend 15-20 minutes of your time telling me about the current state of your doula business!

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