Your web site is often the first impression potential clients get.

Make it a good one.

Overall Message

What does your overall web site tell your client about you and your services? Does it create a positive impression? Does it sell YOU or doulas in general?


Sometimes when writing the things isn’t as clear as mud. I will help you fix things that are unclear. Like that sentence at the beginning of the paragraph!


While not a full SEO audit, I will give you some tips on the basic things you can do to boost your rankings so potential clients in your area can find you.

User Friendliness

Potential clients will be impressed if they can easily find the information they need to make a decision. I will evaluate how easy that is and give you tips on areas that need improvement.


I will comb over your site looking for anything that is not consistent. From lists of what’s included in your services, to pricing, to the way you spell your business name, I’ll catch them for you!


I’ll catch any typos and give you feedback on places where poor grammar and spelling might be making you look bad.

You site will look much more polished!


$25 per web site
48 hour turnaround

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