Take Your Doula Career
to New Heights

Yay! You're going to be a doula!

Well, maybe you are just thinking about it. Or maybe you’ve completed some training and are well on your way to certification. The learning curve when starting out as a doula can be quite steep, and that’s why Doulas in Training is here.

When it feels like the path is too steep, when it feels like you’re lost in in the woods and don’t know which direction to do, when you need someone to guide you through the business of being a doula, you’ll find information, support, tips and tricks, classes and advice to help you move forward.

Choose a Starting Point:

Thinking About Doula Work

Choosing the kind of doula work to do, finding the right training for you, and looking at certifications.

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After Your Doula Training

Articles, information and resources for getting a solid start to your business.

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